1) My friend Max and I _____ (walk) to the park. a) walk b) walked c) walks d) did walk 2) We ____ (play) football with some boys. a) play b) plays c) played d) did play 3) I _____ (listen) to music on my MP3 player. a) listen b) listens c) listened d) did listen 4) When _____ you ___ (cook) a dinner yesterday? a) did/cook b) do/сook c) cooked d) did/cooked 5) Lucy _____ (not help) her mum. a) helps b) didn't help c) didn't helped d) doesn't help 6) ____ you _____ (go) to school last Monday? a) Did/go b) Do/go c) Does/go d) Did/goes 7) They _____ ( not watch ) this movie at the cinema. a) don't watch b) don't watched c) didn't watch 8) _______ you _______ (study) when you were 8? - At Garden's School a) Where did/ study b) When did/ study c) What did/ study d) Where did/ studied e) Did / study


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