1) My mum's from America. _____name's Alison. a) her b) his 2) ___ name's Samantha. a) Her b) My 3) Hi, my name's Joe. What's ___ name? a) your b) my 4) Is this your camera? No, ___ camera's white. a) my b) her 5) This isn't Tom's phone. ____ phone's blue! a) your b) his 6) Is this my book? Yes, ___ name is on it! a) your b) her 7) Hello. This is my sister and this is _____ friend, Jack. a) her b) his 8) My English teacher's new. ____ name's Mary Smithers. a) his b) her 9) This is a photo of my dad. ____ name's Jim. a) your b) his


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