1st - We are in the house today., 2nd - It is raining., 3rd - Pinky likes the cupboard., 4th - Now she is sleeping in the cupboard., 5th - Blackie likes the sofa., 6th - Now he is sitting on the sofa., 7th - Reddy likes the chair., 8th - Now he is playing with his tail under the chair., 9th - Blackie is sad. He wants to play and he plays with his tail., 10th - Pinky wakes up. 'What are you doing?' she asks., 11th - 'It is not good to play alone' - she says. 'You can play together'., 12th - 'You, Blackie, can play with Reddy's tail. And you, Reddy, can play with Blackie's tail.', 13th - Now we are all playing together. What a nice day!,

Reddy's funny stories 2. A nice day (retelling)


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