1) I _____ up early. a) get b) got c) gets 2) I _____ breakfast for my mum. a) made b) make c) makes 3) I _____ my favorite film/cartoon on TV. a) see b) saw c) seen 4) I _____ a message to my classmates. a) wrote b) write c) written 5) I ____ to school because I was late! a) run b) ran c) runned d) running 6) I ____ my favourite toy to school. a) take b) taken c) taked d) took 7) I _____ home from school at 3 o'clock. a) came b) gone c) come 8) I _____ a glass of juice. a) drink b) drinking c) drank 9) I _____ my homework. a) do b) did c) done 10) I _____ some biscuits after dinner. a) eated b) ate c) eaten 11) I _____ a book about pirates. a) red b) read c) readed 12) I _____ a beautiful butterfly. a) saw b) sow c) seed 13) I _____ in my favourite armchair. a) sitted b) sad c) sat 14) I _____ to the supermarket to buy some ice-cream. a) goed b) went c) gone 15) I _____ a great day! a) have b) haved c) had


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