They ____( to be) in the park yesterday. We ____(to talk) about new film. I ____(to be) at school on Monday. I visited my grandparents. My uncle ____ (to visit) us this weekend. ____ you ____ your homework? (to finish) Karen ____ ( to ask ) for help to finish her homework. Yesterday night, somebody ____ (to knock ) at the door. But I ____ ( not open ) it. We ____ ( to live ) in Madrid three years ago. David ____(not wash) his car on Saturday. ____ you ____ the dinner on Saturday? (to cook) ____ Marta ____ her room?(to tidy) Tom ____ ( to check ) his answers. I ____ (go) to the park on Tuesday. They ____(to find) new English book. Alisha and Tony ____( to watch) TV in the morning. Sanny ____ to help her mother, but she was busy. (to want)


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