1) A: Did you remember ... the cat today? a) to feed b) feeding 2) B: Sorry, I forgot! I promise ... it as soon as I get back. a) to do b) doing 3) A: Let me ... you a lift to the airport. a) give b) giving 4) B: Don’t worry. I've decided ... the train. a) to take b) taking 5) A: Do you like ... wildlife documentaries? a) watch b) watching 6) B: Not really. I prefer ... ones about technology.  a) to watch b) watching 7) A: There’s no point in ... to make him change his mind. a) to try b) trying 8) B: I know! He seems ... very stubborn. a) to be b) being 9) A: I can’t ... that box! a) reach b) reaching 10) B: Why don’t you try ... a ladder? a) to use b) using 11) A: I meant ... you there’s a chance of rain tonight. a) to tell b) telling 12) B: That’s OK, I don’t have any plans... anyway. a) to go out b) going out 13) A: What would you like ... tonight? a) to do b) doing 14) B: Let's ... to the cinema. a) go b) going 15) A: It’s no use ... to him, I know.  a) talk b) taking 16) B: He is too angry ... to anyone. a) to listen b) listening 17) A: I want ... the animal shelter.  a) help b) helping c) to help 18) B: Great! How about ... donations for them? a) to collect b) collecting 19) A: Why didn't you make him ... the morning exercise? a) do b) doing c) to do 20) B: I wanted him ... a good rest. a) have b) having c) to have


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