What's your surname?, What's your favourite colour? , What's your favourite number?, What's your favourite room? , What's your mother's name? , What's your favourite song?, What's your friend's name? , What's your favourite animal? , What colour is your shirt? , How old are you?, What's your favourite toy? , What's his name? , What's this? , What colour is it? , Where is the cat? , Who's he?, Is he a teacher? , What's in your living room? , What's in your bedroom?, What's in your garden? , Are you a student? , Is it a horse?, How many children are there?, Can you swim?, Can you sing?, Can you cook?, How old is your pet?, What's your favourite weather?, What are they doing?, What are they doing?, What is she doing?, What is he doing?, What's the weather like today?, What is your favourite season?, Where are you from?.


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