It is ____. It is September.It is Pinky’s ____ today. She is eight ____. She ____ got two presents: a small red ____ from Blackie and a box of ____ from Reddy. Mrs Paw ____ them in the morning and ____ Pinky a big birthday ____. After that, she goes ____ because she has got a ____ son there. Pinky ____ tea for the kittens.They ____ tea and ____ chocolate together. When they ____ with the small red ball, Pinky ____ the ball with her teeth. Oh no! There’s a ____ in the ball and they ____ play with it now. Pinky is very sad, she ____.Reddy ____: ‘Please, don’t ____, Pinky. We can ____ and play with apples in the garden”. When there ____ a hole in the apple, the kittens ____ it up and play with another apple. Pinky is ____ now. She ____ apples. They ____ red, you can ____ with them and you ____ eat them.

Reddy's funny stories 3. An apple ball


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