My name's Eliot and I ____ from Canada. I ____ in Ottawa. Generally, it's cold here. We usually ____ coats, boots, scarves and gloves. In my family, we ____ 7 members: mum, dad, grandma, sister, brother, pet and me. ____ a lot of chaos at home. ____ you imagine one bathroom for seven people? Well, we can take only ten minutes per shower. Our pet is a frog. It's always ____ around.Right now, my sister ____ to the gym. She is ____. She's ____ to become a professional acrobat.My brother is studying for a test ____. He's ____ best of his class.My mum is working ____. She is a lawyer. She ____ Stella. ____ wearing a suit.In this very moment, my dad is having a coffee because it's eleven o'clock. He always ____ a coffee ____ eleven a.m.Grandma ____ in our home, too. She is absolutely incredible. We love grandma. She's taking a nap ____ she ____ up really early every morning.

Read and complete - Present simple and continuous

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