1) I'm really tired _____ listening to my sister. She complains about her boyfriend all the time. a) of b) to c) about 2) Katy's worried ____ her end-of-year exams. a) about b) with c) to 3) The waiter was so rude _____ us that we didn't leave a tip. a) with b) to c) for 4) They're not very pleased ______ their new car. It's broken down three times in one month! a) to b) of c) with 5) My mum's been married ______ my stepfather for 20 years. a) with b) to c) of 6) Tom's interested ______ joining the army because he wants to see the world. a) on b) at c) in 7) Are you excited _____ moving house next year? a) in b) about c) of 8) That man over there reminds me _______ my first boyfriend. a) of b) to c) about 9) Are you looking forward _______ meeting him? a) for b) of c) to 10) I'd like to go with you on holiday, but it depends _____ how much it will cost. a) on b) of c) about 11) Recent research shows that drinking mango juice is good _____ your immune system. a) to b) for c) at 12) You'll have to choose ______ this one and that one. You can't have both. a) about b) of c) between 13) My sister and I get on really well and hardly ever argue _____ anything. a) of b) about c) among 14) I apologized _______ the teacher _____ being late. a) to/for b) for/to c) for/about 15) What time does your plane arrive ____ Brussels? a) on b) at c) in 16) Who does this book belong ____? a) to b) for c) of 17) Is Carl still angry ____ Monica _____ what happened at the party? a) to/about b) to/for c) with/about 18) You should be kinder _____ your brother. a) for b) to c) with 19) I never have to ask anybody ______ directions any more, now that I have a satnav. a) to b) of c) for 20) He's at university. His parents are really proud ______ him. a) of b) about c) to

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