1) ___ is an eagle. It's my favourite animal. a) Hi b) She c) Here 2) This is a computer. ___ is my favourite activity. a) Here b) He c) It 3) I like Neymar because ___ is a great football player a) it b) he c) she 4) Where are you from, Brad?  a) I'm okay, thanks b) I'm twelve years old c) I'm from Tokyo, in Japan 5) I'll ___ you on in class! Bye! a) speak b) see c) talk 6) It's ___ apple and it's ___ orange a) an b) a c) -- 7) ten and twenty are ... a) forty b) fifty c) thirty 8) Suzan and Pedro are brother and sister. ___ are in my class. a) She b) He c) They 9) ___is Ariana Grande your favourite singer?  Because is a very good singer. a) Who b) Why c) Where 10) What does this ___ in Portuguese? a) say b) spell c) mean

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