1) ________ (He / eat) rice every day? a) Does he eat b) Do he eat c) Did he eat d) Is he eating 2) She __________ (play) tennis now. a) plays b) is playing c) played 3) Martin ____ (wash) his car every Friday. a) washes b) wash c) is washing d) washed 4) My mother _____ (bake) biscuits yesterday. a) baked b) bakes c) bake d) is baking 5) Today the sun ______ (shine). a) shines b) shine c) is shining d) shone 6) Carol _____ (study) French right now. a) is studying b) studies c) studied  d) study 7) Michael ____ (watch) TV with his father on Saturday. a) watch b) watches c) is watching d) watched 8) My cousin _____ (live)in San Francisco. a) lives b) live c) lived d) is living  9) I ______ (not do) my homework last Friday. a) don't do b) doesn't do c) am not doing d) didn't do 10) Dad _____ (not work) on Sundays. a) didn't work b) doesn't work c) don't work d) isn't working 11) Alice _____ (help) her mum with dinner now. a) helps b) helped c) is helping d) help 12) They ____ ( clean) their house every morning. a) clean b) are cleaning c) cleaned d) cleans 13) Katherine ……. (work) in the farm. a) work b) works c) is working d) worked 14) ______ Marry______ ( visit) her grandparents on Tuesday? a) Did Marry visit b) Does Marry visit c) Did Marry visited d) Is Marry visiting e) Do Marry visit 15) ____ you ____ (read) a book at this moment? a) Do you read b) Did you read c) Are you reading 16) _____ she______ (visit) her friends on Saturdays? a) Does she visit b) Do she visit c) Is she visiting d) Did she visit 17) ____ you____ (like) listening to music? a) Do you like b) Did you like c) Does you like

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