1) I have ___________ had breakfast. a) ALREADY b) YET c) EVER 2) My sister has ______________ been to London. a) YET b) NEVER c) EVER 3) Have you __________ travelled by helicopter? a) EVER b) NEVER c) YET 4) I haven't finished my homework _________. a) ALREADY b) NEVER c) YET 5) Have you tidied your room _______? a) JUST b) YET c) EVER 6) I have _______ arrived from school. a) JUST b) EVER c) YET 7) Has she _______ eaten insects? a) JUST b) NEVER c) EVER 8) He hasn't washed the dishes _______. a) YET b) JUST c) ALREADY 9) We have _________ been to Brazil. a) YET b) ALREADY c) EVER 10) Has she studied for the exams ______? a) NEVER b) ALREADY c) YET




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