He _____ on Sundays.  A never goes out B doesn’t never go out C goes out never , We never eat late _____the evening. A in B on C at , I sometimes have lunch _____ my desk. A in B on C at , Daley works in a bar _____ Saturday evenings. A on B in C at , Our baby always wakes up _____ half past six. A on B in C at , _____ time do you usually get up? A What B When C How , My aunt is a doctor. She often works _____ night.  A in B on C at , My boyfriend is angry with me. _____. I always late B I’m late always C I’m always late , Maureen’s son is _____ university. A in B at C to , What time _____? A get you home B you get home C do you get home , I _____ coffee in the evening.  A drink never B don’t never drink C never drink , How often do you _____ your emails? A make B watch C check , What time do you _____ dressed? A go B get C be , They go on holiday to France three _____ a year. A times B time C day , Ben’s very healthy. He hardly _____ eats hamburgers. A ever B never C always  .

Elementary English File - Quick test 4

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