1) Do you like _______ early? a) getting up b) to get up c) to getting up 2) Are you afraid of __________ ? a) to fly b) flying c) flyiing 3) Do you mind ________ for people who are late? a) waiting b) to wait c) to waiting 4) Did you hate ________ to school when you were younger? a) to go b) doing c) going 5) Do you enjoy _______ in bed? a) to go b) going c) reading 6) Are you good at __________? a) to read b) cooking c) going 7) Have you started ________ a new activity recently? a) to do b) practising c) doing 8) Do you think _________ exercises is boring? a) to practise b) doing c) practising 9) Do you enjoy ___________ to the cinema alone? a) going b) to going c) to go 10) Did you like ________ fruit and vegetables when you were a child? a) to eat b) buying c) eating 11) Do you think _________ computer games teaches you anything? a) learning b) playing c) seeing 12) Do you dream of _______ famous? a) being b) staying c) going 13) Do you feel like _________ out tonight? a) getting b) going c) to get 14) Are you thinking of _________ a new haircut soon? a) got b) get c) getting 15) Have you stopped __________ an activity recently? a) doing b) getting c) practising

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