1) I don't believe this. He _____________ have left the building without showing in the security system. He __________ have had inside help. a) couldn't/must b) should/couldn't c) mustn't/should 2) They _______________ have sent a search party to look for the missing kids last night. Now it will be a lot harder to find them. a) may b) should c) can't 3) This story is strange. She ________________ have carried him all the way from the pub. She ____________have had some help. a) shouldn't/might b) couldn't/might c) shouldn't/couldn't 4) I _____________ have trusted my instincts and kept on going. Stopping at this city _________________ have been a serious mistake. a) must/can't b) can't/might c) should/may 5) Your idea wasn't bad. It ____________ have worked if we had had more time to implement. a) might b) can't c) must

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