1) Tell Sharon to hurry! We're going to be late! She’s ___________ to arrive on time! a) slow b) too slow c) fast enough d) enough slow 2) Kevin can’t drive a car. He’s ________ to have a driving license.  a) old enough b) to young c) enough old d) too young 3) Those apples aren't _____________ to buy them. I don't have much money. a) too expensive b) cheap enough c) enough cheap 4) I don’t like that movie. It isn’t ___________________ to watch it. a) enough interesting b) too interesting c) interesting enough 5) I can’t study here because it’s _____________ to concentrate. a) too noisy b) enough quiet c) quiet enough 6) All my classmates failed the exam. It wasn't _________ to pass it. a) too difficult b) enough easy c) easy enough  7) Mr. Stewart says flying is ______________ to travel. a) safe enough b) enough safe 8) I don’t like my apartment, it’s __________ to live. I can't invite many people.  a) too big b) too small c) enough small d) small enough e) enough big 9) The room is _______________ to see. I can’t read my book. a) bright enough  b) enough dark c) too bright to d) too dark 10) I’m sorry, but your paragraph isn’t ________________. You'll have to re-write it. a) long enought b) long enough c) too short d) enough long


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