1) If they offered me a job, I ___ take it. a) WOULD b) WILL c) DID 2) If I ___ the lottery, I would buy a house. a) WIN b) WOULD WIN c) WON 3) If she didn't have children, she ___ be so tired. a) WOULD b) WOULDN'T c) WON'T 4) They would stay longer if they ___ more time. a) HAD b) WILL HAVE c) WOULD HAVE 5) I ___ you if you were quiet. a) TELL b) WOULD TELL c) WILL TELL 6) If I ___ rich, I ___ buy a castle. a) WOULD BE / WILL b) AM / COULD c) WERE / MIGHT 7) If you told her the truth, she ___ understand it. a) MIGHT b) MAY c) CAN 8) If they were younger, they ___ travel a lot. a) WILL b) COULD c) SHOULD 9) If I ___ to him, I ___ convince him. a) SPEAK / COULD b) SPOKE / MIGHT c) TALK / WOULD 10) If spiders could fly, I ___ pretty scared. a) WILL BE b) WOULD BE c) WAS BE

CNA Expansion 1 - The Second Conditional

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