Mention a plan for next week. , Your wife is pregnant and she's carrying heavy bags. Offer help., You're about to go to sleep. Make a sudden decision. , A friend is angry at you. Make a promise to him/her., Mention a social plan for tomorrow., You're about to finish your working hours, make a plan., You're worried about not passing your exam, make a prediction., You've checked the weather on your phone. Tell me about it. , You've just arrived home. Make a sudden decision., Tell us about your next doctor appointment., Give your opinion about the future regarding the Coronavirus, Give your opinion about our country in the future., Express a plan for the future with your family., Tell us about your next arrangement., Tell me about your next class., You're looking at somebody doing the wrong thing. Express a prediction., Talk about your plans for the winter holidays., You've got tickets to the cinema. Tell us about it., Your friend is cold. Offer something to him/her., Give your opinion about the future regarding your own life., Express a hope for next year..

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