1) Which job would you prefer to do when you leave school? Why? 2) Which job would you never consider doing? Why? 3) Talk about how the weather is changing in our country nowadays. 4) Did you have to help at home when you were a child? Talk about it. 5) What are the most important rules at home nowadays? 6) If you were a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why? 7) Which means of transport do you think is the best to move around a big city? 8) Which are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by train? 9) Which are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car? 10) Talk about a journey you'll never forget. 11) How important are friends to you? Why? 12) If you were an animal for a day, which one would you choose? Why? 13) What sort of clothes and styles are fashionable at the moment? 14) Talk about the importance of the Internet in our daily life nowadays. 15) If you could asked a famous person out to dinner, who would you choose? Why? 16) A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN: Who are the main characters? 17) A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN: Who was murdered? Why? 18) A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN: How was the murderer found? 19) A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN: Campbell was sent to prison for fifteen years. How long do you think Baxter should stay in prison? 20) A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN: What is it about? 21) A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN: How does the story end? 22) A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN: Where does the story take place?


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