1) I ______ an exciting adventure book last weekend. a) reads b) readed c) read d) reading 2) Meg ________ her friend yesterday afternoon. a) visites b) visit c) visiting d) visited 3) Molly ________volleyball on Sunday. a) played b) playd c) plaied d) playied 4) ______they play football yesterday? a) Does b) Were c) Did d) Was 5) Tom and Jerry ________to music 2 weeks ago. a) listens b) listened c) listen d) listening 6) Did you _________your grandparents last Saturday? a) visit b) visited c) visits 7) _______ you like the party last Friday? a) Does b) Do c) Was d) Did 8) _____ you ______ chicken yesterday? a) did you cooked b) did you cooks c) did you cook d) do you cook 9) Diana _______Tom with his homework yesterday. a) helps b) help c) helping d) helped 10) _____ Martin _________________ to music last week? a) did Martin listened b) did Martin listens c) did Martin listen d) was Martin listened 11) We _________________ an interesting film. a) watch b) watched c) watches d) were watch 12) My dad _____________ some milk at the supermarket yesterday. a) buyed b) buied c) bought d) baut 13) Our mum ____________ a cake for grandpa’s birthday. a) make b) made c) maked d) makes 14) Pushkin __________ many poems. a) writes b) writed c) wrote d) writeed 15) We ______________ a new cinema in our district. a) discover b) discovers c) discovered d) discovering

Past vs Present Simple+ RELATIVE PRONOUNS (7th grade)


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