3A - Name 5 relatives, 3A - Say two sentences using adverbs of frequency., 3B - Say a sentence using 'also', 3C - Describe two things you like doing: one in the week and one at the weekends., 3D - Say three times of the day which are important to you., 3D - Say two expressions used for agreeing a time to meet a friend., 4A - Say three things you do every evening., 4A - Think of three time expressions beginning "In..."., 4C - List three things you can do during a weekend in another city., 4C - Say a question and an answer using the present continuous., 4C - Say a negative sentence using the present continuous., 4D - Describe where you are, what you are doing and the weather..

AD3 - Review and Practice - Units 3&4 - Personal Best section

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