1) They _________ football yesterday a) played b) play c) are playing 2) _____ you need help? You look worried a) Did b) Do c) Are 3) While she __________ at school, I decided to go shopping a) was b) were c) is 4) I can't talk right now, I ____________ my assignment for tomorrow a) finished b) finish c) am finishing 5) There _______ some benches here. Now there ______ just a flower bed full of poppies a) were/are b) were/is c) was/is 6) My brother usually ________ in the evenings, but last night he ___________. He _________ out with friends. a) cooks/didn't cook/went b) cook/not cook/goes c) cooked/didn't cook/ went 7) I __________ to be late, hurry up! I'm sure the meeting ________  a) am not wanting/is starting b) don't want/starts c) don't want/is starting 8) At the moment I ___________ great! Yesterday my head _________ and I _________ from my bed. a) am feeling/hurt/couldn't move b) feel/hurted/can't move c) am feeling/hurted/wouldn't moved 9) My sister _____ an artist. She _______ classes at UNA and now she _________ in different private schools a) was/took/was teaching b) is/took/is teaching c) is/takes/isteaching 10) Jane ______ with her parents when she ______ she wanted to ____ abroad a) lived/is realizing/live b) is living/realizes/live c) was living/realized/live

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