1) What is your daily routine? 2) What do you like to do at the weekend? 3) What is your favourite film? Why? 4) Where do you go in summer? 5) What do you think about studying online? 6) What is you dream? 7) Where would you like to travel? 8) Who is you idol? Why? 9) Do you like camping? Why?/Why not? 10) What is your favourite transport? Why? 11) What is your favourite book? Why? 12) What do you like to eat? 13) How often do you go shopping? 14) Where do you like to go with your friends? Why? 15) Who is your best friend? 16) What kind of person are you? 17) What is your hobby? 18) What music do you prefer? 19) What makes you happy? 20) What country do you want to visit? 21) What do you do to be healthy? 22) Do you like to study? Why?/Why not? 23) What profession do you like? Why? 24) What is your opinion about classical music?


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