confused - You have no idea what is happening, disappointed - You're sad because the film is not as interesting as you thought, frightened - You're home alone, and hear a strange noise.You're very scared, upset - You go a bad mark. You're unhappy., suspicious - You don't trust somebody. You think that they are not telling the truth, excited - It's Christmas tomorrow. You're so happy that you can't relax., shocked - Your friend tells you that a classmate chated at an exam and lied to the teacher. How could they do it!, ashamed - You feel bad because you did something wrong, proud - You feel very happy because you are top of the class. You worked hard for it!, cross - Your sister took your make-up again! You're angry., anxious - You have an important exam tomorrow. You're very nervous or worried, embarrassed - You dropped somthing and now everybody is watching and laughing, delighted - You det a present that you like very much and you feel very happy!, envious - You friend has got a new phone, and yours is very old. You want a new one too!, relieved - Phew! You thought the teacher was going to give you a test but they didn't!, bored - The lesson is absolutely not interesting, and you're falling asleep,

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