1) What two people were Captain afraid of? a) The One-Legged Man (Silver), and Doctor Livesey b) Trelawney and Jim c) Ben Gunn and Doctor Livesey d) Silver and Ben Gunn 2) What was Captain's real name? a) Jim b) Ben Gunn c) Bill d) Alfred 3) Who was responsible for getting a crew and a ship? a) Silver b) Trelawney c) Captain Smollett d) Jim 4) What was Jim's first impression of Silver and Captain Smollett? a) He found Silver interesting, and he didn't like Captain Smollett b) He liked both c) He thought Smollet was cool, and he didn't like Silver d) He didn’t like both 5) How did Jim discover that the one-legged man was not a good person? a) Jim spied on the one-legged man b) He asked him c) The one-legged man told him a history and then he discovered  d) He wanted to get an apple, and had to get into the barrel as it was hard to reach. 6) When Jim came near a hill, trying to get away from the pirates, what did he see? a) A tree trunk b) An animal c) A man d) One lost pirate  7) The pirates invaded the fort, but they were defeated as they were not skilled with: a) Swords b) Fight c) Sports d) Weapons 8) Jim sneaked out of the boat because he was bored, what did he do? a) went to negotiate with the pirates b) See if there was even a hidden boat that Ben Gunn had mentioned. c) swim in the sea d) Went to find people. 9) Jim was suspicious of Mr. Hands, then discovered that: a) he was planning to have a party b) He didn't like Jim c) Mr. Hands was a nice guy. d) Mr. Hands intended to kill him. 10) Silver showed Jim that Livesey had delivered something for him. What was that? a) A bag b) the treasure map c) a sword d) A cat 11) When the pirates arrived on the hill where the treasure was marked, they discovered that: a) the treasure was there b) they took the treasure and left c) Someone had already taken the treasure d) thieves assaulted the pirates 12) When Silver was returning to the house along with the crew, halfway there, he fled. What did he take with him? a) a bag of coins b) he kidnapped a crew member c) he took the entire treasure d) he didn't run away



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