A girl likes to read and go to school. She discovers that she has powers. She uses her powers to scare a cruel teacher., A man travels by plane. The plane has an accident. He survives in an island for many months., The King dies and his son feels responsible. The son runs away, but he returns many years later. The son becomes King., A kid sees dead people. A psychologist helps the kid. The psychologist discovers that he is dead., An ogre rescues a princess. The princess turns into an ogre every night. The ogre and the princess fall in love., An African prince goes to the United States to find a wife. He meets a woman and he falls in love., A group of men consume drugs in a bachelor party. The next day they don’t remember anything., A woman meets a boy in a boat. They fall in love. An iceberg hits the boat. The woman survives but the boy dies in the ocean., A kid discovers that he is alone in his house. Two thieves try to enter the house. The kid defends the house with traps., A man and a woman comunicate with e-mails but they don’t know each other. They fall in love..

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