Do you have a wife/husband/child?  , Can you describe your wife/husband/child? (Is he the most good-looking man in the world? Is he tall? What colour are his eyes?) , What does your wife/husband/child like doing in his free time? What kind of music does he/she like? Can he drive a car? , How often does your wife/husband/childe go to the gym/ play tennis / swim in the swimming pool?  , What is your wife/husband/child doing now? , Do you like travelling? How often do you travel to other countries? Do you prefer travelling alone or with friends or your family? , Do you like travelling? Where have you been to?  Have you seen ...?, Where did you go last summer? Did you enjoy it? , Where did you go last summer? Were there many tourists?  , Where did you go last summer? What did you learn about the people / the food in the ? Was the hotel good?, Where did you go last summer? Was there a swimming pool /a fridge/ a lift in a hotel? , Which country would you like to go to in the summer? What are you going to do there? How long are you going to stay?, What do you do? Do you spend a lot of time at work? , Would you like to change your job? , Do you live in a house or a flat? How many rooms are there? Would you like to live in a different place? , How often do you meet your friends/ eat fast food? , Who is your best friend? What is her/his name?  Can you describe him/her?, Who is your best friend? What does he/ she like doing in his/her free time? , When’s your birthday?  , What did you do on your last birthday? Where did you go?, What did you do on your last birthday? Where did you have dinner? Did you have a good time?, Do you remember your best birthday party? How old were you? , Did you like your English classes? , Can you say that your English is much better now? , Have you seen a film in English this year? , Have you spoken to a person in English in a foreign country this year? , Are you going to study English next year?.


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