1) C.C is a... a) Cow b) Sheep c) Kangaroo d) Horse 2) She is very... a) Kind b) Funny c) Curious d) Pretty 3) What is the weather like? a) Sunny b) Cold c) Cloudy d) Windy 4) Where does she want to go? a) China b) India c) England d) Argentina 5) C.C tells the other cows that... a) In India cows are not special. b) In India cows can go to school. c) In India cows are special. d) In India cows can wear special clothes. 6) The other cows think that... a) C.c is crazy b) C.c is wrong c) C.c is making a joke. 7) When is C.C going to India? a) Today b) Tomorrow c) Yesterday d) Next week 8) She gets tired... Suddenly... a) She meets a kangaroo. b) She meets a fox. c) She meets a horse. d) She meets a koala 9) His name is... a) Lobba b) Teddy c) Kanga d) Kangoo 10) Where is Kanga going? a) England b) Argentina c) The USA d) Australia 11) What is the first city they arrive in? a) Barcelona, Spain b) London, England c) Rome, Italy d) Dublin, Ireland 12) Where do they go next? a) Madrid, Spain b) Barcelona, Spain c) London, England d) Rome, Italy 13) What places do they visit in Madrid? a) A castle b) A church c) A museum d) A square 14) Where do they go after Madrid? a) Paris, France b) Rome, Italy c) London, England d) Barcelona, Spain 15) What do they visit in France? a) Eiffel Tower b) Big Ben c) Trafalgar Square d) Museo del Prado 16) What painting do they see in Paris? a) The Scream b) The Mona Lisa c) Guernica d) The Last Supper 17) What is the last city they visit in Europe? a) Rome, Italy b) London, England c) Venice, Italy d) Paris, France 18) Where do they go in Italy? a) The Colosseum b) The Eiffel Tower c) The Big Ben d) The London Eye 19) What do they have for dinner? a) Pasta b) Risotto c) Pizza d) Ice cream 20) What do they see when they arrive in India? a) A beautiful castle b) A beautiful palace c) An amazing museum 21) Is C.C happy in India? a) ... b) .. c) ....

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