If he remembers his own name, we’ll be able to help him. ( SHOULD), If he pushed the button, we’d all have problems. ( WERE), If she worked much harder, there'd greater chances of success. ( WERE) , If we’d arrived sooner, we wouldn’t have missed the beginning. ( inversion), If the man drove faster, we would arrive in time. ( WERE), If we’d got just one more signature, we’d be on target now. ( inversion), Should Batman come, we’re in big trouble.  ( make a negative sentence), Were Tom to invest all his money in Cobra Industries, he'd be making a smart choice. ( make a negative sentence), Had they told us about the dolphin, we would have come. ( make a negative sentence), If he accepted the job, his life would turn upside down. ( were), We'd be rich now If we'd bought that property. (had), If she refuses the offer, we'll raise the price. (should), If I'd woken up earlier, I wouldn't have missed the boat. (had), If we signed the contract, we wouldn't be left high and dry. (were), If James doesn't remember, we'll have to start again. (should), Jannet would have told you the truth if she had known better. (inversion).

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