What’s your name?, What’s your surname? (family name), How do you spell your surname?, How old are you?, What nationality are you?, Where do you live?, Are you are a student?, Do you work or are you a student in …?, What do you do/ study?, Are you married? Have you got a boyfriend / girlfriend?, Can you spell your family name?, Do you enjoy studying English? Why? Why not?, Do you think that English will be useful for you in the future?, Have you got any brothers or sisters?, Have you got any children?, How do you get to school?, How long does it take to come to school?, Tell me about your day at school/college, Tell me about your family, What are your favorite foods?, What are your hobbies?, What are your plans after school?, What did you do yesterday / last weekend?, What do you do in your spare time?, What do you study? , What are your favourite subjects?, What’s your job? What do you do?.



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