Mum usually cookes dinner. , Mum is cooking dinner now. , Children play football every week., Children are playing football this week., We visit our granny every month., We are visiting our granny today., She often listen to music., She is still listening to music., Mary finishes her homework ., Mary is finishing her homework at the moment., Dad doesn't always repair a car., Dad isn't repairing a car tonight., Students aren't painting pictures right noww., Students don't paint pictures on Saturday., They don't always wash dishes . , They aren't currently washing dishes . , He doesn't watch TV in the morning. , He isn't watching TV tonight. , Tom doesn't climb trees every day., Look! Tom isn't climbing trees., Do you work on wekends?, Are you working now?, Do your classmates skate on weekends?, Are your classmates still skating ?, Does a teacher always open a window? , Is a teacher opening a window at the moment? , Does your sister usually walk? , Is your sister walking right now? , Does a baby celebrate his birthday this week? , Is a baby celebrating his birthday today? ,


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