1) What's _______________ London airport? a) busy b) busiest c) the busiest 2) What's the ______________ kind of food? a) the most popular b) most popular c) popular 3) Which is ___________ city after London? a) the biggest b) the big c) the bigest 4) Which is _______________ river in UK? a) the longest b) longgest c) longest 5) Which part of Britain is the ___________? a) the sunni b) sunniest c) the most sunny 6) What's the ____________ foreign language people learn in the UK? a) the most common b) most common c) commonest 7) What's the ________ football stadium in the world? a) the largest b) the most large c) largest 8) What's ____________ outdoor activity in Brazil? a) the most popular b) most popular c) the popular 9) Which is ______________ university in the South America? a) the most old b) the oldest c) oldest 10) Where's the ______________ mountain in Africa? a) the high b) the highest c) highest 11) Who's the ______________ man you know? a) tallest b) the tallest c) tall 12) What's __________________ thing you've ever bought? a) most expensive b) expensive c) the most expensive

10A Superlative Activity - Elementary

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