1) This is the ________________ dress I own. a) the more fancy b) the fanciest c) the fancyist d) the most fancy 2) In my opinion, a deer moves __________ of all the animals. a) the more gracefully b) more graceful c) the most gracefully d) gracefullier 3) The politician spoke ______________ than it was necessary. a) louder b) more loud c) loudier d) the most louder 4) When we travel, my suitacse is always ______________ than my husband's. a) the heaviest b) heavier c) more heavy d) the most heavy 5) January is ____________ month of the year. a) more cold b) the coldest c) the colder d) the most cold 6) December 21st is the _________ day of the year. It is _________ than any other. a) shortest - shortest b) shortest - shorter c) most short - more short d) shorter - shortest 7) Andrew is ______________ runner on the team.  a) the faster b) fastest c) more faster d) the fastest 8) The book is ____________ than the one I read last week.  a) most interesting b) more interesting c) interestinger d) more interestinger 9) A turtle moves ______________ than a rabbit. a) slower b) slowier c) more slower d) slowiest 10) This is __________ movie I have ever seen. a) worst b) baddest c) most bad d) worse


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