What's your mum's name?, How old is your brother or sister?, Have you got a friend?, Has your friend got a dog?, What's your favourite movie?, What's your favourite band?, Can you use a computer?, Can you take good photographs?, Can you draw a horse?, can your mum sing?, Can you stand on one leg?, Can you put your feet behind your head?, Can you open your eyes under water?, Do you play computer games every day?, Have you got many friends?, Do you have English on Monday?, Does your dad help you with homework?, Does your best friend like PE?, Do your mum and dad speak English?, Do you download music every day?, What websites do you look at?, Do you watch movies on your phone?, Does your brother or sister study at university?, Do you sometimes wake up at 5 a.m?, Do you sleep until lunchtime?, Do you sometimes go to bed after 12 o'clock?, Do you clean your bedroom?, Do you watch a movie with your parents?.

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