1) Parents spend a fortune on video games these days. a) A fortune is spent on video games these days. b) A fortune can be spent on video games these days. c) A fortune was spent on video games these days. 2) The school cafeteria is serving free chocolate cake today. a) Free chocolate cake was being served today. b) Free chocolate cake is being served today. c) Free chocolate cake had been served today. 3) Darren has posted Vivian's gift. a) Vivian's gift was posted. b) Vivian's gift has being posted. c) Vivian's gift has been posted. 4) The porter found your wallet last night. a) Your wallet is found last night. b) Your wallet was found last night. c) Your wallet had been found last night. 5) My boss was organizing a last-minute meeting. a) A last-minute meeting was being organized. b) A last-minute meeting had been organized. c) A last-minute meeting has being organized. 6) The police had not questioned the main suspect until then. a) The main suspect hasn't been questioned until then. b) The main suspect hadn't been questioned until then.  c) The main suspect wasn't questioned until then. 7) You can grow this kind of flowers here. a) This kind of flowers can be grown here. b) This kind of flowers can been grown here. c) This kind of flowers could be grown here. 8) They will announce the winner tonight on the show. a) The winner would be announced tonight on the show. b) The winner is announced tonight on the show. c) The winner will be announced tonight on the show.

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