manga - Japanese comic books that tell stories in pictures, story arc - It's a literary term for the path a story follows., graphic novel - It is a book made up of comics content, hardcover - A book that has stiff covers, side-kick - A friend, or a person who works with someone more important, anti-hero - the central character in a play, book, or film who does not have traditionally heroic qualities, such as courage, and is admired instead for what society generally considers to be a weakness of their character, crossover - A mixture of different stories in TV shows, just as series., event - An activity that is planned for a special purpose and usually involves a lot of people, for example, a meeting, party, trade show, or conference, web comic - It is a digital cartoon, comic strip, or illustration which has been created for online publishing., canon - All the writings or other works known to be by a particular person, collectible - An item that some people want to collect as a hobby,

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