1) He ... yesterday. a) skate b) skates c) skated 2) He likes to skate. He ... every day. a) skate b) skates c) skated 3) He ... ski last year. a) isn't b) doesn't c) didn't 4) ... they at the stadium? a) Did b) Do c) Were 5) ... you read books? a) Do b) Are c) Does 6) ... they play basketball last Saturday? a) Do b) Were c) Did 7) Did she ... the apples? a) count b) counts c) counted 8) ... you go to school yesterday? a) Do b) Did c) Were 9) ... you go to school? a) Do b) Does c) Was 10) They ... go to school on Sundays. a) didn't b) wasn't c) don't


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