Easter egg - They are hidden features such as a new character or a secret level., DLC - All additional content that can be purchased online and downloaded onto your system., FPS - The genre of game in which you see through the eyes of your character. They commonly show a weapon floating around in front of you., MMORPG - It refers to games such as World of Warcraft, which see millions of people occupy the same game world at one time., PvP - It refers to games (or portions of games) which see one or more human players face off against one or more human players., NPC - All characters in a game that are not controlled by the player or a human opponent. They are controlled by AI., noob - It refers to new players who clearly possess no skill or are otherwise clueless about the game., Survival Horror - In this game genre, the player has to face the unknown in an environment similar to a horror movie., Boss - Tough monster or adversary at the end of a level., Bug - An error in a game's programming or design. It can be as minor as a character's visual., Casual - A game deliberately designed to require low amounts of skill or effort. Popular with non-gamers., Combo - A series of moves performed in a fashion that links them together without pause, usually used in fighting games. ,

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