Thomas Edison - Who invented the lamp?, Madonna - Who has sung 'Like a virgen'?, Walt Disney - Who created Mickey Mouse?, Albert Einstein - Who created the theory of relativity?, Oscar Wild - Who wrote ''The Picture of Dorian Gray"?, Mark Twain - Who wrote "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"?, Johnny Depp - Who has starred in 'Pirates of Carebbean'?, Adele - Who has sung "Rolling in the Deep"?, Elvis Presley - Who was known as "The Pelvis"?, Julia Roberts - Who has starred "Pretty Woman"?, Jennifer Aniston - Who has played the role of Rachel in "Friends"?, Salvador Dali - Who painted "The Persistence of Memory"?, Woody Allen - Who has direted "Midnight in Paris"?, Robert Downey Jr - Who has played the role of the Ironman?, Jean-Paul Sartre - Who wrote "Nausea"?, Bernard Shaw - Who wrote "Pygmalion", which became the musical "My Fair Lady"?,

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