Waiter: Good morning. Can I ____ you? Amy: Yes, we'd like to ____ dinner. Waiter: Would you like to see the ____? Amy: Yes, please. Waiter: Can I ____ you something to ____? Judy: Yes, a glass of orange juice, ____. Amy: And coca-cola for ____, plese. Waiter: ____ you are. Are you ready to ____? Judy: Yes, I ____ have tomato soup, a steak and chips, please. Waiter: Tomato soup, steak, ____... And for you? Amy: I will ____ fish and ____ potatoes. And tomato ____, please. Waiter: Of ____. Waiter: Would you like something for ____?Judy: No, thank you. ____ you bring us the ____, please? Waiter: Absolutely. (Minutes later) Here ____ are. How would you like to ____? Amy: We'll pay in ____. Here you are. You can ____ the change. Waiter: ____ you. Have a good day!




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