1) She (to learn) English every day. a) learn b) to learns c) learns d) to learn 2) I (to like) music. a) to likes b) likes c) to like d) like 3) My brother (to be) a school boy. He (to go) to school. a) am, goes b) is, goes c) is, to go d) is, gos 4) Michael always (to do) his homework. a) dos b) to does c) to dos d) does 5) After supper my sisters often (to go) for a walk. a) to go b) goes c) go d) to goes 6) We (to visit) our grandparents very often. a) visits b) visit c) to visit d) to visits 7) The girl (to sing) very well. a) singes b) to sings c) sings d) sing 8) He (to want) to become a doctor. a) wants b) to want c) wantes d) want 9) She (to get up) at 7 o'clock. a) to gets up b) gets up c) get ups d) get up 10) They (to wash) their car once a week. a) washes b) wash c) to wash d) washs 11) My friends (to take) their dog for a walk twice a day. a) takes b) to take c) take d) to takes 12) Our father (to finish) his work at 6 o'clock. a) finishes b) to finish c) finishs d) to finishes 13) Mark (to be) my best friend. a) bes b) am c) is d) are 14) My mother always (to invite) her friends to her birthday party. a) to invite b) invite c) invites d) to invites 15) He (to have) breakfast every morning. a) haves b) has c) to have d) to has


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