Do you think we are born with our personalities or do we develop them?, Do you like knowing and finding out secrets? Why?, Is it better to be an optimist or a pesimist ? Why?, If you choose one place to live for the rest of your life where would it be?, What makes a good teacher?, What is your best and worst qualities?, Do you find it easy to get a present for a friend or family?, Do you think life is easier or harder now than it was in the past? Why?, How much do you judge a person by their clothes?, What super powers would you like to have?, Have you ever played truant?, What supernatural things do you believe(ghosts, apparitions, fortune tellers,mediums)?, What was your most memorable birthday?, Some people think that challenges improve a person.... do you agree?, Have you ever had a déjá vu experience?, How do you think sport can help people in their lives?, What was the best/worst date you have ever been on?, Would you like to own a driverless car? Why? Why not?, Why is organic food much more expensive?, What are the things about eating habits you would like to change? , What food is the most popular with teens and adults?, What is the best way for a country to bring in more tourists?, Do you prefer homemade food or takeaway food? Why?, Have you ever wished to go back in time? Where exactly?, Do you think online classes will replace schools and universities?, What effect is technology having on the learning process?, What's the importance of learning a foreign language?, Do you think society is losing its values?, Do you think it is important to go on learning all your life?, Do you think exams are useful in the learning process? What changes would you do?, Is there anything that can be done to stop bullying?, Should the internet be regulated or censored? Why?, What were some of your favourite activities when you were a child?, How has information technology changed the way people work and communicate?, What do you miss most about being a child?, What do you think will be the next  biggest technological advance?, Can you tell me five things people can do without spending money., Do you believe in love at first sight?, If you are invited to a family event and you really don't want to go,how do you get out of ot?.


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