1) I can't promise _____ (be) on time. a) TO BE b) BEING c) BE 2) _____ (swim) is better exercise than running. a) TO SWIM b) SWIMMING c) SWIM 3) Would you like _____ (come) to my party? a) TO COME b) COMING c) COME 4) Do you mind _____(not talk) so loudly? a) NOT TO TALK b) NOT TALKING c) TO NOT TALK 5) It was very interesting _____(see) my old school again. a) TO SEE b) SEEING c) SEE 6) He works at weekends _____ (earn) more money. a) TO EARN b) EARNING c) EARN 7) On Sundays she likes _____ and _____ (relax, not do) anything. a) TO RELAX, NOT TO DO b) RELAXING, NOT DOING c) RELAXING, TO NOT DOING 8) We were unhappy with the service, so the restaurant offered _____ (give) us a free dinner. a) TO GIVE b) GIVING c) GIVE 9) Is it difficult _____ (learn) Japanese? a) TO LEARN b) LEARNING c) LEARN 10) He's very competitive. He thinks _____ (win) is the most important thing. a) TO WIN b) WINNING c) WIN 11) She tried _______ (not hit) the man, but she was driving too fast. a) NOT TO HIT b) NOT HITTING c) TO NOT HIT 12) They spent all night _______coffee and ______ (drink, talk). a) TO DRINK, TO TALK b) DRINKING, TALKING c) DRINK, TALK 13) Do you need ________(go) to the bathroom? a) TO GO b) GOING c) GO 14) They drove without ________(stop) for 6 hours. a) TO STOP b) STOPPING c) STOP 15) We're thinking of _______(go) to Mexico for our holidays next year. a) TO GO b) GOING c) GO 16) I'm very happy ______ (be) here again. a) TO BE b) BEING c) BE 17) I decided _____ (go) camping because I didn't have much money. a) TO GO b) GOING c) NOT GO 18) ______(eat) cakes and junk food will make you unhealthy. a) TO EAT b) EATING c) EAT 19) He pretended ____________(not understand) the police officer. a) NOT TO UNDERSTAND b) NOT UNDERSTANDING c) TO NOT UNDERSTAND 20) Are you good at _____ (remember) people's names? a) TO REMEMBER b) REMEMBERING c) REMEMBER


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