the best way to learn a language, something you think is important to teach young children, what tourists hate about visiting your country, the things you do to relax after a hard day, a sport you tried to play but couldn't, something you wanted to be when you were younger, somewhere you enjoyed going when you were a child, somebody you would like to meet, something you started to do but decided to stop doing, what you think it's important to do for a healthy life, something you learnt to do as a child but can't do now, something you sometimes forget to do before you go to bed, something you need to buy soon, things you must remember to do before leaving home in the morning, something you've decided to do in the future, something you find difficult to do in English, what you want to do this weekend, the best way to make new friends, things that are important to do if you go for a job interview, a film that's good to watch when you're feeling sad, things you like talking about, things you try turning on/off to fix them, things you stop to do while studying, things you remember doing when you were on holiday as a child.



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