1) Which of the following is not a good classroom tool for practicing vocabulary? a) Gimkit b) Blooket c) Word Wall d) Youtube 2) This tech tool allows teachers to record themselves for student instruction. a) Gmail b) Wordwall c) Screencastify d) Blooket 3) This Google Suite tool can help you organize your inbox. a) Google Labels b) Google Docs c) Google Sheets d) Google Forms 4) This Google Suite tool allows you to post materials for students and create a central hub for assignments. a) Google Calendar b) Google Classroom c) Google Sites d) Gmail 5) This Google Suite tool is an easy was to make worksheets or assessments. a) Google Slides b) Google Sheets c) Google Calendar d) Google Forms 6) This tool allows you to add questions to your favorite videos to make a more interactive lesson. a) Screencastify b) TalkingPoints c) Edpuzzle d) Class Dojo 7) This tech tool allows for quick and easy communication with parents, a) TalkingPoints b) Google Docs c) Edpuzzle d) Gimkit 8) This tech tool allows for easy classroom managements through a digital point system. a) TalkingPoints b) Class Dojo c) Google Sheets d) Word Wall



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