1) I ... to sleep late. I’m an owl. a) often go b) never go c) ever go d) go often 2) I have ... time. a) a few b) little c) few d) several 3) I don’t know what to do, ... I ask her? a) should b) mush c) can d) have to 4) ... you been to this place before? – Yes, sure! a) did b) have c) had d) would 5) I couldn’t remember if I ... that woman before. a) had seen b) saw c) have seen d) have been seeing 6) You won’t believe what I’ve ... seen! a) yet b) already c) ever d) just 7) A teapot is a pot with a handle, in ... tea is brewed. a) what b) where c) which d) that 8) Mary’s got a ... . a) black new big car b) big new black car c) new big black car 9) I bought a new dress yesterday without trying it on. It doesn’t fit me. Can I take it ... ? a) away b) from c) back d) on 10) If you ... me earlier, I wouldn’t have been so angry. a) told b) had told c) have told d) would tell 11) The criminals ... recently. a) have been caught b) were caught c) caught d) catch 12) I ... like singing when I was a child, but now I don’t. a) was used to b) was being used to c) used to d) didn't 13) They told me my sister ... the following weekend. a) will come b) is coming c) comes d) was coming 14) I like watching how people are trying to ... different crimes, so I like detectives. a) solve b) decide c) open 15) I worked at Google for 5 months last year and got a lot of useful ... . a) experience b) qualifications c) fun 16) You .............. another job pretty soon. I have a feeling that you're going to get fired before long. a) would have started to look for b) 'd better start looking for c) would start looking for d) 'd better start to look for 17) He spends all his time ________me, because he owes me money. a) preventing b) pretending c) avoiding d) awaiting 18) __________, he went to collect his payment. a) Despite the fact that the work was successfully completed b) Having finished his work successfully c) As long as the work is completed with success d) Although he had completed his work successfully 19) I was under the impression that you, too, .............. along with us. I am sorry that you aren't. a) were supposed to come b) was supposed to have come c) came to suppose d) suppose to come 20) As far as I'm concerned, all he's good at .............. making up the most improbable excuses anyone has ever heard. a) is b) he is c) his d) presently


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