1) I saw my friend when I... to work. a) goes b) were going c) went d) was going 2) When she...it was raining. a) woke up b) wake up c) wakes up d) was waking up 3) We...to a good restaurant last weekend. a) go b) were going c) went d) was going 4) They...the explanation because they were shouting. a) don't hear b) didn't heard c) didn't hear d) weren't hearing 5) You...when I called you yesterday. a) cooked b) was cooking c) cook d) were cooking 6) Leo...to the supermarket on Tuesday. a) doesn't go b) didn't went c) wasn't going d) didn't go 7) I...at eight o'clock this morning. a) slept b) was sleeping c) were sleeping d) sleeped 8) The kids...a movie yesterday afternoon. a) were watching b) was watching c) watched d) watcht 9) My mum...a delicious cake on Sunday. a) makes b) was making c) made d) maked 10) Axel and Greg...a meeting when I arrived to the office. a) were having b) had c) hat d) were had 11) What...when you were little? a) did you played b) were you playing c) was you playing d) did you play 12) Where...when I saw you? a) did you drive b) were you driving c) was you driving d) did you drove 13) Who...to during the party? a) did Sara talk b) did Sara talked c) was Sara talking d) were Sara talking 14) ...yesterday at six o'clock? a) did you study b) was you studying c) did you studied d) were you studying 15) ...you a present for your birthday? a) did Karen give b) did Karen gave c) was Karen giving d) Karen was giving 16) I...to anybody in class this morning. a) wasn't speaking b) weren't speaking c) didn't spoke d) didn't speak 17) When he entered the room the students... a) did homework b) done homework c) were doing d) was doing 18) At nine thirty this morning I... a) was having b) had c) were having d) haved 19) The traffic was so bad that I...on time. a) didn't arrived b) didn't arrive c) weren't arriving d) wasn't arriving 20) We... a new car! a) buyed b) were buying c) was buying d) bought




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