1) I ________ a falling star last night. a) saw b) 've seen 2) My sister _________ a baby! a) had b) has had 3) I __________ to my parents today. a) didn't talk b) haven't talked 4) The little girl ________ a new bike for her last birthday. a) got b) has gotten 5) I ____________ the news lately. a) didn't read b) haven't read 6) Michael _________ a new job! a) found b) has found 7) I ____________ my father's new car many times. a) drove b) 've driven 8) She ____________ dinner yet. a) didn't cook b) hasn't cooked 9) We __________ to the mall recently. a) went b) 've been 10) My candidate __________ the election in the first round. a) lost b) has lost 11) I ____________ any dessert last week. a) didn't eat b) haven't eaten 12) The children _____________ their homework so far. a) didn't do b) haven't done 13) She ____________ very well last night. a) slept b) has slept 14) We ___________ him the news yet. a) didn't tell b) haven't told 15) My father ___________ me some money on Christmas. a) gave b) has given

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