1) If it is a sunny day tomorrow, a) we go to the park b) we don´t go to the park c) we would go to the park d) we might go to the park 2) If she doesn't hurry, a) she will get the bus b) she won't get the bus c) she would get the bus d) she would have got the bus 3) I wouldn't have to take the bus to school if  a) I had a driving licence. b) I would have a driving licence c) I have a driving licence d) I had had a driving licence 4) If we had watched the TV, a) we would heard the news b) we would have heard the news c) we heard the news d) we had heard the news 5) She would have got better marks a) if she asks for my help b) if she would have asked for my help c) if she had asked for my help d) if she asked for my help 6) I would buy presents for everyone a) if I won the lottery b) if I would win the lottery c) if I would have won the lottery d) if I win the lottery 7) I would stay at home a) if I had a cold b) if I have a cold c) if I will have a cold d) if I would have a cold 8) I would learn how to speak Russian a) if I live in Russia b) if I lived in Russia c) if I had lived in Russia d) if I would live in Russia 9) If I fail my midterm exams, a) my mother would be angry with me b) my mother would have been angry with me c) my mother will be angry with me d) my mother was angry with me 10) if you came to class more often, a) you would come to class more often. b) you wouldn't fail your exams. c) you'll pass your exams. d) you'll be ready for university. 11) You wouldn't be so tired a) if you go to bed earlier. b) if you would go to bed eariler. c) if you had gone to bed earlier last night. d) if you didn't go to bed early. 12) If I hadn't met the love of my life, a) I wouldn't be married. b) I will not be married. c) I would have met the love of my life. d) I had been married. 13) I'm not going to work overtime this weekend a) unless I get paid for it. b) if I get paid for it. c) unless I can't work. d) unless I work for free. 14) If you want to be fit, a) you need to do some exercise every day. b) you wouldn't have to eat fast food. c) you had to change your habits. d) you would drink more water.

B2 - CONDITIONALS (includes mixed conditionals)


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